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Need help to ID old Marlin pump

Today I visited an older friend (I'm 70, to put that in perspective). Among the guns he dug out of his safe were a "D" Series Model '97 Winchester (does anyone remember the website for identifying the years of mfgr. for each of the "B" through "D" series?)

But the puzzle for me was a shotgun that at first looked like a prototype of a Model '97. It is a hammered pump that I am pretty sure is an 1898 Marlin. It has a hammer that is more like an 1973 Winchester rifle than an 1897 Winchester shotgun, if that helps. Serial number is deeply, clearly engraved in front of the trigger guard. At first I could not identify a maker but fortunately had my Streamlight in my pocket. It is a Marlin, with "12 Ga." and Marlin factory lettering faint but visible on top of the the patina'd barrel.

The signifying mark, so to speak, is that it has a device high on the ejector side that looks functionally similar to a tiny forward-assist on an AR, without the protruding handle, if that makes sense. Have not seen one of these before, anywhere. Relative to its apparent age, this shotgun is in excellent condition. Long barrel - looks like a duck gun.

What should I advise him, re selling it? Is it worth much, or just a relic?
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