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Idea's for 9mm pocket carry ?

Hey guys,

So I bought my Beretta PX4 compact in hopes of carrying it IWB when my permit gets here.. but, after much consideration, I just know I'll be way more comfortable with a pocket carry set up with the way I dress. I live in south Florida, so I'm ALWAYS in cargo shorts and t-shirts. (I'll be trading in the Beretta, by the way.. only to fund the new pistol.)

Anyway, I pretty much have my mind set on getting a Ruger LC9 for pocket carry. That should conceal well enough with a pocket holster, right? Any other suggestions that I should be looking into?

I like 9mm since its a bit cheaper to get and seems to be more readily available then .380 for whatever reason. Plus, I have about 500+ of 9mm rounds at the moment so I don't want it to go to waste.

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

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