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Thanks for the reply, I know this one of those "stupid questions" people like to say don't exist but totally do

I think door number 3 might be the best option, and the only hope for a non permanent solution (damn, that'd be a marketable product with all the cheap, unsellable M95's out there) for the reciever mods. Would also give me more tries to screw stuff up (unlike tack-welding bits of metal up in there).

I think if I rig up the system to work such that the top of the cartridge is at the same elevation as with the original loading, points roughly the same direction, and leaves the mag at the same bolt position as just might work. The M95 is controlled-feed, so the real trick is likely to be getting the extractor to grab the round reliably; at that point, chambering should be just about guaranteed, right?

Supposedly, a Sako, and even Remington extractor has been modded to the M95 bolt by others (crappy factory extractor tends to break); have either of those actions been done with rimmed rounds (especially 45-70)?

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