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Was that en early model?
No, it was all of them up until (fairly?) recently. The way to tell is to look down into the magwell with the slide off. If you see a shiny paperclip holding the mag catch in place, that's the hunk-a-junk in question. The new one is a flat double-forked leaf spring made of stamped steel that's been blackened. It is impossible for a bullet tip to snag on the new spring.

It was kinda funny, actually. The old spring was literally the cheapest/simplest looking part in the gun (looks exactly like a bent paperclip), and didn't even feel springy when I pulled it out. I think it was a job they figured was idiot-proof and they had the intern design it. The new part is more appropriate for the over-designed nature pervading the rest of the firearm

And no I dont reload the 5.7x28mm round, too much work.
Does anyone?

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