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Somewhere around 2,500 shells have flown from this gun. Have had three feeding issues that I can recall, also some of the ammo I'm using is so old it says 3.99 on the box. From reading a lot of posts about the 887 it seems as if its looked down upon and seems to get a lack of responses in threads unless its comparing it to another shotgun. I'm not into shotguns much so spending 1k or so on a toy isn't much of an option. Now I'm no slouch, last year I spent on guns and ammo a lil over 10k. Sig, Walther, S&W and Colts. Maybe someone can sway me on why this gun is looked down upon so much.

Long and short of it Dave said to go through a few thousand shells and ill know.
I know I'm happy with it. And still think its cool I can grab the barrel after a day of shooting and not scald myself.
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