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Hey spud...
I had the same itch for years and found a 2nd gen dragoon at a gun show in July. Found this forum and started reading about BP AFTER I bought the thing. Went to the range, fell head over heals in love and ordered My Uberti WALKER in Aug. The only reason I'm slowing down is because of the holiday season and I have to spend money on someone other than myself
As far as the arbor length goes, There is a link to an article in this forum that shows you how to check the arbor length. Both of my Uberti's were spot on.
However, It is the general consensus among those I have talked to that Uberti's are a bit pot luck as far as quality these days. Not major defects, just pissy little things that aggravate. I'm happy with mine and am considering pietta guns for the future. When I get enough of them I will send them to a smith en mass and have the lettering filled in on the barrel.
Have fun with your future addiction.
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