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Here, I'll make this easy for y'all. Yesterday the intruder was convicted of felony attempted murder (Two counts( and other related crimes. Under Cakifornia Code section 847, (a) an owenr,..., of any estate or any other interest in real property, whether possessory or nonpossessory, shall not b4e liable to any person for any injury or death that occurs upon that property during the course of or after the commission of any of the felonies set forth in subdivision (b) by the injured or deceased party. Subdivision (b) includes (8) any other felony in which the defendnat inflicts great bodily injuryon any person, other than an accomplice, or any felony in which the defendant uses a firearm; (9) attempted murder, (etc etc etc)

An owner is not immune for willful, wanton, or criminal conduct.

The case is essentialy dead in the water.
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