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I can't tell you about the Blitz as I have no experience with them.

The Horton Summit is a decent bow and should be a good starting point. It's a basic but fairly rugged bow and very capable to deer hunt with. If that's your quarry. Shooting light bolts tipped with 100grn. broad heads should fly nicely.

Don't think you'll go wrong starting with the Summit.

I've had Horton bows close to 20yrs and have just never needed their warranty so I can't answer that question.


Additional expenses should include:

bow string wax

rail lube

additional bolts ( 3 won't be enough. You'll want a few for zeroing/practice and a few set aside for hunting)

broad heads if deer hunting the same grn. weight as field/practice tips. suggest 100grn.

crossbow target(many reg.archery targets won't stop crossbow bolts)

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