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I just bought a Stevens Model 320 pump action 12ga with the 28" barrel...

My local dealer was selling them on sale for only $159.99. So I picked on up, and got a chance to shoot it this afternoon. I only had a box of 25 no. 7.5 field loads 2 3/4". So I gave the gun a good cleaning (there was alot of oil on this gun from the factory), and removed the magazine plug. The gun holds 5 rounds in the magazine plus 1 in the chamber for 6 total shots. I was really surprised how well this gun shoots. Pump action on mine wasn't sticky at all (read about some people having pump action sticking), and ejected shells no problem.

I had better luck with this gun than my Remington 870 tactical that had a messed up ejector from the factory. Caused the shells to jam when you pumped the action. I did manage to get the Remington fixed with my own gunsmithing.

In a emergency if I had to grab a shotgun out of the safe I would trust my Stevens over my Remingtons...
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