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here is mine. i have about 10k-12k rounds thru it now. Alot of the information out there about them is based off the prototype guns that were displayed at the shot show earlier this year.

Out of the box it is one of the tightest 1911's i have ever seen. It shoots amazing and the felt recoil is alot less than a normal 1911 due to the titanium frame. the machining is flawless on the 6 or 7 that i have seen and the action and trigger are butter smooth.

I am comparing this to a nighthawk tactical, ed brown, youst, springfield trp and a colt series 70 gold cup.

overall i am very pleased with the piece and i use it for my everyday carry. I have shot every type of ammo and bullet combo thru it with equally good results. I have shot it at ranges up to 100 yards with good results.

my standard/preferred load is a 185gr hollow base berry bullet with 3.7 grains of bullseye. shoots awesome and has no recoil.

out of the box first mag thru the gun at 15yrds

50 shots at 25 yards after about 250 rounds and a cleaning

is this gun for everyone. no but for someone that wants performance and consistency i would definitely say take a serious look at a christensen 1911

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