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Short arbor issue

Old guy just getting interested in BP Colt replicas with dilemma: Pietta or Uberti? I know of the short arbor issues with Uberti and am leaning toward Piettas for this reason. A search here also showed a couple of ways to "lengthen" the arbor to make it bottom in the hole (I have my own idea on this) that don't seem too difficult to do. Basically, my question is approx. how much length (nominal) are we talking about in most cases?

Also, should this influence my choice of one brand over another? My opinion is that something I buy should be "right" before it gets to me. On the other hand I realize that some tweaking will probably be necessary anyway, no matter which brand I get. Looks like easy "fix" on the Uberti. Don't mind tinkerin'.

Oh, In case I didn't say it I'm kinda stuck on the 1851 Navy London (36 cal, of course). What say you? Thanks.

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