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kcub saith:

If you handload, which I don't, you might as well have a .44 special instead of a .44 magnum.
I handload, and have both .44 Specials and .44 Magnums. My .44 Specials are a medium framed Ruger and a medium framed Uberti, I wouldn't subject them to the .44 Magnum level ammunition I use in my magnums.

My pet loads for the .44 Magnum use the 180 gr. Sierra JHP @ 1715 fps, and the 240 gr. Nosler @ 1410 fps. At times I've used the 245 gr. cast #429421 @ 1512 fps. No .44 Special comes close to matching these figures.

The .44 Magnum provides the extra power at extended ranges, and that velocity gets the bullet to the target quicker, leaving less time for wind and gravity to act on it.

My .44 Specials:

And a couple of my .44 Magnums:

The brass butted Ruger has had over 17,000 rounds fired through it!

Bob Wright
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