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If you already have a Persuader, and don't have loose cash I would stick with it. The only reason I upgraded is because I have the money and the banks don't pay interest (hardly) any more. If you're looking for a new toy, I highly recommend it.

I've used everything from buckshot to #12 and only once had a jam. I believe it was because I didn't clean the gas tube. I just squirted a little Remoil in there and didn't have any more problems. When I got home I gave it a real good cleaning and haven't had any more issues.

I shoot skeet without choke tubes. And I'm not a hunter because I'm too cheap to pay for a lease. So I pretty much stick to the range. For a long time I didn't let people know I was into guns, but now that I do, a friend invited me to kill some pigs at his ranch in January.
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