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So you go from

who have already turned around and placed the AWB on the table as a small part of the UN Peace Treaty. Its happening. Dont ignore it.

Im asking questions, not pretending to be an expert!
The former is not a question, but a statement.

"Current" Events

An interesting highlight.

The Obama administration was under pressure to delay or walk away from an agreement. Fifty-one senators had urged the administration not to sign it in a letter sent Thursday. That letter sent an important signal of defeat because ratification requires 67 Senate votes.
Half our senators openly opposed this treaty, more than half are required to ratify. Doesn't really get any more dead in the water than that.

Thats all the guys at my local gun shop talk about: a revival of the UN treaty via Hilary Clinton and how Obama would likely address the AWB in his second term. Is is speculation at this time? Sure. Is it possible? Sure.
The guys at your LGS are pretty poorly informed about the facts and reality of the political process.
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