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1-DAB, Thanks for the reply. It seems like States are trying to use their politics to try and persuade others.

I do know that Wyoming does have a training requirement, but it doesn't spell out the specifics. Hunters saftey course completion and military service qualify for CCW, for example. Our local sportsmans association has a few NRA trained instructors who offer a once a year CCW course. If I remember correctly, it was one night a week for a month (4 nights after work) for afew hours each time. We also went to the local range on the last Saturday of the month and shot each others guns. Those that didn't have a firearm were allowed to try out everyone elses. We didn't have to "qualify" though. We were issued a certificate from the NRA as proof we took the course.

I guess that is just the way it is. Most people in Wyoming have handled guns most of their lives, way more than 15 hours worth! HaHa, just ironic that I can no longer protect myself if the Cowboys ever make it back the New Mexico Bowl (not gonna happen this year)!
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