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So, the title of the thread is "A place for the .22l.r." There are plenty of places for it so I click on.

There is a link to a story.

Pretty clear that the story linked to is fiction.

So what is the point of the thread? If the point is that folks should consider the .22 in small pocket guns for self defense then just say so please and make your case. Linking to that "Straight Forward in a Crooked World" is a crooked way to go about trying to make a straight forward point, seems to me.

IMHO there are better choices in in small back up guns for self defense than one in .22 lr.

If a fella can shoot a Ruger Mark II well than a person can do the same in 9mm or 38 Spl. in a gun that is more concealable and actually weighs less.

I have several 22s and enjoy them a great deal. They have many purposes and fit them well. For self defense there are better choices. Unless health concerns prohibit alternatives.

By the way, a good many people living in Mexico have a good many guns for self defense purposes in a number of calibers. There are gun forums in Mexico.

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