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But is there a single intelligent response to the contrary?
My goal is to open discussions
Then don't ask questions if you don't want answers? Don't ask for discussions if you're not prepared to hear the truth or other peoples view points?

who have already turned around and placed the AWB on the table as a small part of the UN Peace Treaty. Its happening. Dont ignore it.
Really who? What evidence do you have that the "UN Peace Treaty", aka the arms trade treaty(not sure where you got this peace treaty thing from), has had any effect or relation to potential AWBs?

The arms trade treaty is dead in the water currently as far as US involvement is concerned. Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Have you bothered to look into these things, to paraphrase, "that are happening and cannot be ignored". Where are the facts? All you've presented is rumor and speculation and poorly informed rumor and speculation at that.
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