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I started out with a lightly modified Colt Government Model .45 in 1984. That was in the days of IPSC and my next gun was a Colt Govt Model turned into a Wilson Master Grade 130. Carried that for many years.Dabbled for a very short while with a sig P220 and an HKP7M8. Back to the Wilson until 2001 or so when I was issued a Glock 35. About 2 years ago, we traded in the Glock 35's for Glock 22's.

I am allowed to carry any handgun I want, as long as its the Glock 22 with my badge number as the serial number that they issued to me.

We were allowed to buy our 35's when they traded them in for $350. If we retire, our Police Association buys us our duty gun, so, I will have two guns with my badge number as the serial number.

The Glock is a dandy all around cop gun. No complaints.
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