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Listen guys, Im getting frustrated to revisit this thread and have to constantly defend myself against your interpretations of my comments. I am NOT a guy speaking out against 2A in any way....Im trying to simulate the response from all of the anti-gun folks out there who are constantly writing their local senators and legislators about gun laws....who have already turned around and placed the AWB on the table as a small part of the UN Peace Treaty. Its happening. Dont ignore it.

My goal is to open discussions on how you would intelligently address John Q (anti-gun) public and his wife who stand up for more gun control. This is just one small website in a giant online sea....but maybe the right people could get together, join with the top NRA lobbyists and draft up legislation that could somehow silence the anti-gun folks without taking further hits to 2A. Thats it!

For god's sake I own multiple guns myself including a .223 long range pistol and DO NOT want to give up anything unless the gov comes knocking one day. Im just saying, dont bury your heads in the sand...there is a large population of folks out there who have either been stripped of their gun rights already or simply dont believe in guns...and want you to give up your assault weapons because they think it could kill 10x as many innocent people as a pistol.
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