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@tahunua001: The conditons were invented by Jeff Cooper for the 1911. However we have continued to use them to describe the conditions of other guns without modification. You can bet all you want but that doesn't prove you to be correct. Sigs and berettas can't be in condition 1. My source? Jeff Cooper. Yours is?
my sources?
United States military training doctrine.
information contained in
M9 overview and safety module
Small Arms Instructors Toolset
M16 and M11 overview and training modules also describe conditions 4 through zero with 2 not applicable. but the common theme is that condition 3 is loaded round in chamber and either hammer down or safety engaged(where applicable)

Is Condition -1 where the round is exiting the barrel?
firearms readiness conditions describe the amount of steps that need to be taken to bring the gun to bear on an enemy. my counterpart in this discussion laid them out pretty well.
condition 4 is normally how firearms are to be stored, devoid of ammo and magazine.
condition 3 is where there is a loaded magazine in the gun but the chamber is empty.
condition 2 only applies to single action only hammer fired guns like revolvers are 1911s.
condition 1 in round in the chamber, magazine loaded and safety on, this is the condition where the only step necessary to engage the target is to disengage safety and finally
condition 0 is when you are ready to engage the target, magazine loaded, round chambered and safety is off, you are ready to go weapons hot.
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