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Replicating Federal GMM 308 ammo

Hi Guys,
I'm new to reloading so, now that I've worked out the mechanics, I'm starting to focus on powder and loads. The best ammo I've used is the Federal GMM .308 168HPBT. I'd like to use that as my reference point.

I've taken a couple of rounds of it apart to look at the powder and weighed it. The Varget powder is on the left and the powder from the Federal GMM on the right. I measured both of the federal and they came out to 43.9 and 43.8 grains.

I'm well aware that "looks" mean nothing in chemistry. I assume that Federal probably uses a propriatary gun powder.

So my question is really this: Has anyone here ever actually measured the velocity of a FGMM 308 168grain HPBT bullet? Or do you know where I could find that info?
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