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Speaking with honesty, Ive heard the argument on the other side of the table which is basically this: "why do american citizens need to own Assault weapons, they belong in the military, etc". "Why do NRA supporters who seem to back up law enforcement allow support these guns, which are capable of mowing down cops and innocent bystanders, etc?"

A lot of folks feel that too many AW's end up in the hands of gangs via straw purchasing and crime. Now, Johnny Q. Crip has armed himself with firearms/ammunition that could pierce most police and military armor, etc.

I have to say....I know there are a TON of AK-47 and AR-15 owners spread across the country but if that was the one and only law put into place that infringed on 2A but silenced the anti-gun people out compliant would everyone be? The obvious response is OVER MY DEAD BODY. But is there a single intelligent response to the contrary?
Let's break this down and see how reality does not jive with any of what you just said. If so called "assault weapons" are such an issue, why are so few crimes committed with them? Very few crimes are committed with long arms in general, even fewer with "assault weapons".

What makes a .223/5.56 bullet or a 7.62 bullet any more dangerous just because it came out of an AR or an AK type firearm or any other bullet just because it came out of a firearm that looks like the military might use it? They're not any more dangerous just because the firearm it came out of looks like something the military would use.

So unless you're suggesting an outright ban on just about all rifle caliber ammunition, how does banning "assault weapons" fix the virtually non-existant problem of Mr. Gangmember or any other bad guy using ammunition that can pierce police soft armor? It does nothing to "fix" a virtual non-issue.

Now lets look at history, in 1994 did gun related violent crime take a sudden and measurable down turn because all of those evil black rifles were taken off the streets? No. How about any other state or jurisdiction when they implemented their own AWB or essentially maintained the 1994 ban? No.
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