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That's why our cities SWAT team bought Kimbers a few years back and absolutely loves them. So much so now our patrol officers are starting to carry them on their own dime. My neighbor (Senior Detective) wanted to sell me his never fired Colt Gunsite edition he purchased a few years back on a whim. Being that I have been to Gunsite two times back in the late 90's before it was well known, I was interested. He brought the gun over for me to try out on my range. It was sloppy and average build quality at best even being a carry 1911. We put a box through the gun with 4 FTE and accuracy was GI grade. He was crushed by the performance and this guy carries a Kimber 1911 every day. I passed so he is trading it in on another deer rifle. To my dismay Gunsite is putting their lable on everything these days including Yamaha ATV's.
As much as I love my Colt Python, their 1911's leave a lot to be desired. Its crap shoot on if you get a "good one" or not. I do understand the reputation of Colt being a powerful advertising tool. I have a very "been there done that" with the Colt 1911. You just loose all your money gun smithing a Colt 1911 to perform. Buy what you like and what works for you. If you are in to 1911's, you should own at least one Colt just to say you did.

Kimber fills their $1500 guns with $5 parts, and stamps "Custom" on them. If they spent as much money on their guns as they do on full-page color ads

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