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My son is an LEO and he also recommended I get a Glock. He also as well as some on here pointed out the transition would be easier to a Glock from a revolver which also has no safety to get accustomed to taking off. Recoil should not be a problem with 45 acp because I am used to a 357 mag. He has carried a Glock daily on and off duty for several years and has complete confidence in them for both reliability and safety.
We are going shopping for a Glock for me. Since I reload it will not be all that expensive for me to hand load jacketed bullets for practice.

I have been carrying my model 19 with 4 inch barrel in an inside the pants holster and at times in a shoulder holster.

Poppa? You sound exactly like my father. I want to hug you. lol...

Enjoy shopping for a Glock with your son! I recommend the Glock 21 first and Glock 30 second. I have and carry the 21.
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