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Simply put, do you believe that we benefit from some forms of gun control, and if so, why?
#1 - I beg everyone's forgivness for this.
For the first time since I became a memeber here in 1998, I've never posted anything w/out first reading all the repsonses.
Until now...

In my lifetime (I'm 60), I've seen the results of more gun control, more drug control, more tobbacco control, more alcohol control, more new driver control and a whole slew more.

Not a single one has worked. Either they make things worse or they make criminals out of people that otherwise would be law abiding and tax paying citizens.

Enough is enough & enough is too much.

Personally, I'm at the point where I'm all for tossing out any laws or controls on anything - that were put in place after the Constitution was written and starting all over again with a clean slate.
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