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1. Everybody knows what's being discussed. 2. So far nobody has been able to produce substantial evidence that they have deemed, appointed, elected, or annointed as a supreme speech police.
personally i believe people who are interested in firearms NEED to learn proper nomenclature.., clip vs magazine are NOT interchangeable in their function, young and new shooters should be taught the proper usage of terminology.., clip and magazine are as different as hammer and trigger.

in my OPINION.., if one is too lazy and/or ignorant to learn proper nomenclature.., they should NOT be handling guns. once more.., just my OPINION.

no "clip" or "magazine" needs a "break in", just use them as intended. several months ago i bought 20 still in original wrappers VietNam era 20 round Colt magazines, i load them full and empty them, never a "magazine" malfunction.
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