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Autococker for dryfire practice

I've been working on upping my accuracy by using dryfire practice. I use the Laser Lyte device, so I also get feedback on my accuracy and follow-up. The practice has been showing good results. In two weeks of just practicing a few minutes about every-other-day I have reduced my group size 25%, evidenced by shots at the range, for standing position using a hasty sling.

I can cock my old single shot .22 without disrupting my stance too much. But trying to dry fire with my Marlin 795 and make use of the Laser Lyte is pretty much a waste of time. The issue is the cycling of the rifle for the next shot. It takes me out of position and rhythm too much.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I was wondering if anyone made an autococker for .22 semi-automatic rifles or there was a good DIY design floating around. If I could put such a device on my Marlin 795, I believe it would make the exercises so much valuable. When 'googling' for such a device, I didn't come up with anything specific for my use. But I did see a lot on such a device for paintball use, so at least something similar is already out there. I don't know a thing about paintball, so I was thinking about stopping by a range/course/store to learn more. But first I thought I'd ask about it here. With all the experience and expertise at this forum, I can't imagine that I'm the first to think of this idea. It makes me pause to think that the reason it isn't being done is because it is a stupid &/or unworkable idea, or there are simply better or less expensive ways to achieve the same goal.


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