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Buy some 6.5 swede ammo and shoot it. A sweet shooter, those little carbines, in that caliber. Handy. Good for deer, elk or even moose if you need to shoot Bullwinkle. Effective round.

I shoot my 1900 Obie Swede M96 and have no issues other than old eyes and open sights trying to shoot a very accurate rifle that is 112 years old and going strong.

That is a very nice little rifle you have sir. Deserves to be shot... or not. Your call of course. But don't worry about putting ammo thru it. The weak link in the 6.5x55 family will be the Norge Krags, hardly ever find a Swede with factory ammo power issues (I did have some old PMC ammo that got kinda sticky and a primer or two bulged... did not shoot the rest of the box, bt that was back in the late 80s) Stick with Privi, or any other brand of ammo, should be good to go.

Reloading can bring about happiness (do a search using WildAlaska and 6.5x55, you'll find some good info)
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