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Dashunde, there is total recoil energy, and there is perceived recoil.

Total recoil energy will be lower for the heavier gun.

As you alluded, though, perceived recoil will be affected by other factors. Low bore axis, as you mentioned, helps. Grip contour, grip composition, and grip fit to the shooter's hand are also big factors. (Fit includes trigger reach, IMO)

Having owned G30s and a G21, as well as several 1911s in full and Commander sizes, I perceive the recoil differently than you do. This probably means the 1911 design fits my hand better than does the Glock. (Actually, I am quite sure it means that.) It probably also means the Glock design fits your hand better than does the 1911.

Which all goes back to the OP needing to do his own direct comparisons.
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