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Just for clarification.

FBI stats for the top five most violent cities in the US with a population over 50,000

1)Camden NJ
2)Flint Mich.
3)Saginaw Mich.
4)Detroit Mich.
5)St. Louis

FWIW...Flint Mich. still holds the dubious honor of being ranked for the 2nd consecutive year as holding the #1 spot for cities with a populace of 100,000 or more people.

I don't think the thugs in Detroit/Flint Michigan much care whether the average Joe is carrying or not.
Too, I have relatives/friends that are MSP that work in Detroit Metro(aka, 'the war zone' to most Mich. LE) and they will tell you that the thugs there would just as soon shoot at LE then anyone else that gets in their way.

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