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Okay so I got the Wolf Gold in and shot 20 in total. My very first shot at 50 yards hit in the top left black (covered by tape in the shot). And most others shot high left at 50 and especially at 75 yards. When I got to 75 I swapped over to my Marlin 60 (the shots all in the center and below in the black) and noticed that I was flinching slightly to the left! Tried to focus on not doing so and pulling the trigger real slow. The shots uncovered are the 100 yard shots which were mostly high, and one that was very high, which I probably jumped when the guy next to me fired off his 300 win. mag.

The very last shot was high right in the black at 100 yards (the one circled). I still wish I had more time to practice but I need to remember to relax, pull slowly and not flinch! Also, I was changing my point of aim to help adjust to try and hit the black. But if I get the chance on the hunt to shoot, I'm going to aim just slightly low left. The first shot seems to be pretty accurate for some reason.

Above are my shots with the AK at 50, 75 & 100 yards. I do feel slightly more confident with the AK but no doubt the Mosin has a much better sight picture and is more appropriate for the hunt. I might try and bring both along, maybe shoot hog with the AK if it's close enough.
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