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fall gobblers

If you are truely hunting "gobblers only" (mature males) in the fall, you are in a tough contest, and an elite "specialty". Turkey hunting master Ben Rogers Lee thought gobblers only in the fall was some of the toughest huntng there was. Ben Lee wrote some great articles on fall gobbers and a search in our new and modern digital age might turn up some results.

You seem to have one of the major issues solved, finding birds.

Fall gobblers are not particularly social nor easily called up. They like their own kind (other gobblers) this tme of year and are not seeking female/hen "entertainmemt". They typically form small bachelor groups and might respond (not necessarliy answer) to limited coarse gobbler yelps and clucks if they believe you are part of their gang.

Turkeys in the open are often a pain. If they do not see the source of the calling (another turkey) they just will not go there. Try some gobbler decoys (if legal) and limit your calling and be sure to mimic gobblers, and not young birds or hens.

Now, if your are hunting fall "turkeys"(hens or gobblers) busting flocks and kee-kee calls are correct and effective.

Finally , while hen turkeys "nest" in the spring to produce offspring, turkeys in general "roost" ( in trees) in the evenings and I suspect is what you are describing in the ridges. And........turkeys cannot smell..........praise God, or we might not ever kill one. So you can nix the scent.
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