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See, I shoot just to amuse myself. I go to the range, sit round and BS with a bunch of really friendly guys. Every n ow and then someone say's, "Hey, anyone want to shoot a round?" and if I'm not in the middle of some interesting conversation I'll get off my butt and wander down to the line. That's why I get such a kick out of all these people who voice their opinion that I'm wasting my time if I don't drop a couple of grand on a high grade O/U. I don't doubt that I'm handicapping myself abit with my current favorite 311. It's choked full and not quite as full. Truth be known it's an inch shorter in pull than I'd like it to be. But I really enjoy shooting it. A better gun might buy a few more clays and make those 25's show more frequently, but I'll never shoot in matches.
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