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Wyoming Drops New Mexico – OK Open Carry Starts

The WY AG’s office called me and told me NM would be removed from their list of states they honor. They said it may be another week before they remove it. I was surprised they didn’t remove it much earlier as WY honors anyone who honors them and NM Dropped WY in late April.

Open Carry is legal in OK now. doesn’t deal with Open Carry much but this new law came into play when I contacted OK about other matters. Seems OK is trying very hard to make sure all Law Enforcement is up to speed on the new law. Police/Sheriff Offices I contacted were very friendly and answered all my questions. Didn’t get the stuttering I get from many others when you ask specific questions about their laws.

The first of the year things will really pick up on the state level as many legislatures will start meeting. State RKBA’s Organizations will be pushing for changes that benefit us who carry firearms. There will also be those trying to restrict our right to carry. I have to state I don’t pay to much attention to any bills introduced as so many get introduced and die without a vote. There is no way I can track all of them. What I watch are those that have passed one house and have a good chance of passing the other house in the Legislature. Sadly many of these die or are amended to death.

If a bill passes one house in your legislature and has a chance to pass in the other please let me know. [email protected] A bill # would be greatly appreciated. Links appreciated but with the bill number I know where to look. I want to thank those who in the past have given me a heads up on legislature etc. Without your assistance would not be what it is today.
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