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I can second the recommendation for Steiner's binos, but at this price point they would HAVE to be stolen

What I will say is that over the years I have come to understand that just about any imaging task is made or broken by the ability to capture light ... whether it is a camera, a rifle scope or binoculars. That ability does come with flawless optics, but it is mostly a function of objective diameter ... so without even looking at the items, I can pretty much know that a 7x50 (that would be 50mm diameter objectives) is going to be brighter than a 7x20 or 7x35 ... that isn't to say that the smaller glasses don't have a use, but if you are looking for deer, it probably isn't in the full sun of noon-time ... more than likely it will be at dawn or dusk and that is where the 7x50's really shine. My 7x50's happen to be Steiners ... but I have seen many others that were quite good for less $$$.

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