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I'm happy to jump on the Benelli Inertia bandwagon, as those have been the only type of shotgun I've bought in the past 25 years... my first being a wood stocked, H&K/Benelli SL-80 mod 121.
Saying that, the inertia Benellis are not for everyone. Price is the primary detractor... with good condition used guns selling for $850 and up.

If you're on a budget and you want a new semi-automatic that has a bit of proven (arguable) reliability... the CZ 712 Utility and Mossberg 930 are your only real options. I've had some experience with the CZ and prefer it over the Mossberg, but there's very little in the way of accessories readily available for the 712 at this time other than an adjustable stock and extended mag tube.

I'd still buy the CZ... just to be obstinate ol' cuss.

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