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Assembled by Interarms and given the completely bogus designation "G33/50" to get around import quantity restrictions.
Generally considered to be parts guns---hence the non-matching numbers.
Where it says "INTERARMCO G33/50", there used to be a date.

"But I think and somebody should correct me if I am wrong, you don't have many factory original 6.5x55 rifles on the market in the US...'

You mean aside from the thousands of Swedish Mausers?
In addition to four Carl Gustafs, I also have a Norwegian Krag and a Danish Schulz & Larsen barreled 98k club rifle in 6.5x55.
I have not noticed anything like the "stepped" power rating of .45-70 as far as the 6.5x55 ammunition made in the US, or the foreign made brands that are available here.

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