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My understanding is the CZ-110 is basically the CZ-100, with an addition that held the striker "cocked" and under tension, for a single action trigger pull. The 100, as you doubtless remember, is DA-only, from full rest.
I just checked it out on Wikipedia -- which I had never bothered to do, before. You're right -- it's still striker-fired, but with the ability to start from a fully-cocked striker, for a SA-like trigger pull. It can be decocked for holstering, etc.

That would probably make the horrible CZ-100 trigger a bit more tolerable. I think the reason they weren't imported had to do with the POINT system -- it didn't have enough to pass the hurdle. Apparently the striker system modified to allow a fully-cocked striker took away points.

A number of folks on the CZ Forum found ways of modifying the gun, but I didn't see the value...
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