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Yeah I do. I text other hunters in the club to let them know when I start seeing deer or see something odd and to check if they are alright. It can be a life-saver if one gets injured....

Are cell phones permitted in the deer woods? This is the question I posed - along with others on the topic - to OVO's Pro Staffers and writers/contributors of Ohio Valley Outdoor Times and Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine. The answers I received about the legality of using communication devices while hunting deer in Ohio were the same - "YES, I have my cell phone with me, but do not use it while pursuing deer."

That's the correct answer, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' hunting regulations. They say: "A Deer Hunter Can Do the Following -- 6. Possess a communication device as long as you do not use the device to aid a person in pursuing or taking of deer."
It is the same lame law alright....I still call BS..not for the fact that it is a law(there seems to be plenty laws that don't make sense)..but that it is another ignorant law....
I too don't understand this. Its not like you're altering deer movement or coercing them toward another hunter. When people do deer drives they communicate and tell one another where deer are heading. That is a silly law IMO.

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