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I wish the CZ-110 had made it to the US. As I understand it, it was similar to the 75B system internally,
That's not my understanding. My understanding is the CZ-110 is basically the CZ-100, with an addition that held the striker "cocked" and under tension, for a single action trigger pull. The 100, as you doubtless remember, is DA-only, from full rest.

(I'd find the DA/SA scary, as one of the 3 times mine got serviced under warranty, was when the firing pin safety disappeared. Poof, gone, a big hole appears in the underside of the slide and the safety button has departed.)

I think I heard that a few 110s made it into the United State, from one of the surplus vendors. Not enough to matter.

and it's been 5-6 years since I last messed with a CZ-100.
Yup. Mine got traded, along with my old Taurus 66, even up for an XD40. I think I came out ahead. The CZ-100 never got off probation, to the point where I trusted it. I thinik, if I could pick up another cheap, I might, just to tinker with.
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