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rambling post

I know I'm the minority in this thread but like I said in my earlier post: it does really depend on the individual, house, scenario, etc. (paraphrase). I just wouldn't feel comfortable on the stairs IN MY HOUSE. Sitting behind a closed door in my master bedroom, the dude is absolutely toast if he tries to cross the threshold of that room. I'm guessing he can't be stupid enough to try and open the door when my family is in there, but I'm sure most of you have seen the commercial(s): "This is your brain on drugs" (zoom to picture of eggs frying in pan). I also have a window if I need an escape, and I am not getting distracted wondering/worrying about my family. trust me, if your wife or kid screams when you aren't in their presence there's a better than good chance you might get flustered(flustered = not keen andor not on the ball). It takes someone thirty seconds tops to go underwater when they panic(become flustered) while swimming
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