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About any grade 0 grease...I like ones with Teflon or moly in them, tetra and tw25b are gun products that I like have found similar valve greases in the commercial catalogs.

Thicker and sometimes it can induce malfunctions. Most autoparts store is grade 1 or 2. In my messing around grade 1 works in warm temp, cold it malfunctions. Grade 2 always induced issues in my 1911's. Grade 3 is like peanut butter.

I use a Molly containing grease in the inner lock work of my guns such as spring plungers etc. Typically grade 1 to stay put better / longer but not add drag to parts.

Slide rails / lugs get the grade 0

Have some semi synthetic grade 00 stuff that seems to work well applying into action parts and then working the action.

As others do I use oil to lubricate small rotating parts otherwise not greasable.

I use grade 2 marine grease when installing grips on carry guns, prevents rust under the grip panels if a thin layer is applied

I think it's hard to have too much lubrication. The idea it holds dirt is somewhat flawed... Oil or grease does not magically attract wear particles to your gun, if you roll your gun in sand it will have sand in it causing wear, grease can possibly suspend the wear particles decreasing wear, without any lube it may bind up the gun or cause
More accelerated wear
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