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"i think many who went with the 454's,460's, 480's and 500's ended up coming back to the good ol' 44 mag"

This could not be more true. I love the .44 Mag. I have a Redhawk in a four inch. Great and portable hand cannon.

I wanted more. I bought an X-frame .460 S&W mag with an 8 & 3/8 barrel. It's a great gun. But I shoot my .44 more. The .460 is great for its purpose but the .44 is more fun to shoot, cheaper, and more versatile.

I am going to my favorite LGS to order a new Super Bisley Blackhawk hunter in .44 mag. It's enough for deer n hogs.

I will keep the 460. It is jus too fun but I shoot the .44 about five times as much. The other day my father and I shot 600 .44 mags. It was a blast. Reloading is the only way I could afford it.

Sorry for the typos. I sent this from my iPhone.
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