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12 ga side by side

maby sombody can help me

i have a douple barrel 12 ga shot gun i got it from afriend 40 years ago
but i can not figure out who made it....i checkt every book i results
all hte proof marks are from the belgium lieg proof house...on one side lock plate its marked machine made......on the other plate a name neuman bros.
on the barrels its marked lamieted steel......and a number 6410..wich could be the serial friend got this gun from his father..who got it from his hase a pistolgripwich is checkerd...the wood is fine walnutand the metalfinish is brownish and looks like clouded....the age i can only guess.because my info tells me the belgium proof marks cant be older 1910......istill use the gun its 24 inch barrel kicks a bit ....but its fun to shoot
it would be more fun if i would know who made this maby out ther one of you.....mite be of help......thank you in advance.......cosak

sorry but i dont get it..this thread cant be 1670 days old i am just a member for baerly a month.....ther must be some mistek......cosak
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