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I read the entire thread and I can only respond in the complete opposite of the topic -- if I am to respond truthfully.

In .22LR, I had a K-22 and a Ruger KMK-512. I liked both, but never felt the need or want to get any more .22LR handguns. Why? Until I did. My GSG 1911-22 is incredibly fun to shoot and though it's not as accurate as either of the previously mentioned, it's a rolling riot to shoot. Not since I was a kid would I put 500+ rounds through a .22 in one range I do it again and again with this pistol. And I've got eight handguns chambered in .22LR these days, and I'm not done yet!

I loathed the 9mm before I ever owned one because all my "guns and shooting" when I was a young teenager was BB/pellet and reading Guns & Ammo. Jeff Cooper had me hatin' on the 9mm though I had no experience of my own. I bought one in 1994 only because I had the extra cash and Clinton's Crime Bill made it seem like a good gamble. Going in to that purchase with a chip on my shoulder and an attitude didn't help -- I still didn't like 9mm and that pistol (Taurus PT-99AF) was always on the chopping block though I never did sell it. Though I'd been handloading for a long time, I never bothered to load 9mm, focusing on my other calibers instead. Well, somewhere around the late 90's, I started to handload for it and my pistol began to run VERY WELL and was a lot more accurate to boot.

I agreed to "start fresh" with the 9mm and I've since added five more 9mm guns and I'm quite sure I'm not finished. And I still have the PT-99AF and though it's not a tack driver, it will mow down steel plates with aplomb.

.357 Magnum was lost on me because the ammo cost so much more than .38 Special and when I began handloading, I had only the single die set and the idea of changing all my adjustments that were set up perfectly for terrific .38 Special loads just to make .357 Magnum seemed foolish. So I went years and years and years without really doing much, if any, .357 Magnum shooting.

In reflection, it was a great time for me to fall head over heels in love with all the joy of .38 Special, but these days...I'm pretty sure I love the .357 Magnum much more. I've bought a number of them and I tend to shoot .357 through them most often. Most recently a Coonan, which was kind of like a "dream gun" when I was a kid. I go through stretches, typically they last for the better part of a spring/summer/fall shooting season, and there's no doubt that this year -- it's been a whole lot of .357 Magnum.

I did get a second die set, btw. And that truly did make all the difference. .357 is now my most interesting round at the load bench, too, as I load in all kinds of different bullet weights, shapes and compositions. It's simply been a lot of fun to continually try new things with the same old round. .357 Magnum was -THE- first center fire round I ever touched off in my life-- from a four inch Ruger Security Six. It's kind of like coming full circle that I appreciate and love it so much today.

Sorry for the length!
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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