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Aarond: They had an OC breakfast? (read about it on OCDO) at 00.00, 1 Nov. Media showed up, as well as quite a few OC'ers. Sounds like they got some pretty good publicity to me.

OC is a good thing. IMHO: It will be an easy go in OK because there was plenty of time and publicity to prepare for it.

As for the guy Ocing being a target...doesn't happen. Those that would do you harm, do not want you to be able to do them harm. They want easy targets that cannot fight back.

Insidence in ID a couple months ago. Criminal moved up to ID from CA. Tried to rob a 70 year old man and got shot for his efforts. He told the news paper, when he gets out of jail he is going back to CA where old men cannot fight back.

Now, if this 70 year old had been OCing, do you think this criminal would have even attempted to rob him? I think not. These kind of criminals are bullies and chickens at the same time. They do not want any chance of their target resisting in any meaningful way...I've OC'd for over 40years...never been mugged...including on S 2nd in Seattle.

Oh, May I add something for your professor Aarond: You can OC in any University in Utah...guess what has happened? There are no shooting insodences at Universities in Utah...yep, none. They only places you have mass shootings at universities, (or any other school or theater for that matter) is where weapons are not allowed, and where the person wanting to do others harm know he will not meet with any meaningful resistance.

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