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My wife was a refugee from a war zone so she initially did not like guns... but she did not fear them or hate them either.

When we started dating I told her to always walk on my left side as I carried a pistol on my right side and she did not have any problem with that and said she actually felt safer. Soon after I took her out to watch me shoot one of our local IPSC matches and she enjoyed it so I took her to watch me shoot a bowling pin match, followed by steel match, high power rifle match and rimfire match. She became regular at our matches and she started helping out with a lot of back ground stuff. I never pushed or even asked her if she wanted to shoot but after about two year she asked me to take her shooting and teach her. After we got married we would go shooting together almost weekly.

That was many moons ago (25+ years) and now she has a gun safe of her own with filled with dozens of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and even a derringer. She has more holsters than shoes in her closet. She has a carry permit and carries a Colt Officer model in 45ACP daily in her purse or in her Dillon brief case. When out in the woods she'll carry her Commander in 38 Super in a belt holster. She is small so she can not handle heavy recoiling guns but she can manage her heavy barreled .260 target rifle or 1911A1 45ACP without problem. She and I shoot local IDPA, IPSC and highpower rifle matches regularly. We even attend shooting classes/schools together occasionally.

She does not hunt but she comes hunting with me to take care of the camp and cook. She'll even sit out at the stand with me on occasion when the weather is nice... but she doesn't shoot any animal. She does buy hunting license every year along with deer permit.

I guess I'm luck to have found her.
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