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I wish the CZ-110 had made it to the US. As I understand it, it was similar to the 75B system internally, with a much improved trigger; that would have been far better than the internals of the 100, which was a difficult weapon to tune or improve. The ergonomics of the CZ-100 were far better than the somewhat similar Glocks, but the triggers were horrid.

Have you tried a .40 magazine in the gun? With many guns, a .40 mag will retain 9mm rounds; if so, you should be able to pick up a couple of extra rounds that way. (You may have to tweak/bend the feed lips a little. Be wary, they are often brittle.) (The .40 Pro-Mag magazines for the "Compact" CZ 75bs models works perfectly with 9mm guns, and gives a couple of extra rounds.)

There's bound to be some mag extensions that will work with the CZ-110 mags, but I have no idea which ones to try -- and it's been 5-6 years since I last messed with a CZ-100.

In most civilian real-world firearms confrontations, a single shooter seldom empties a mag. That being the case, being unable to increase capacity may not be that big a deal; if you do need more rounds, just carry a spare mag, and practice quick mag exchanges.
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