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Hello, Walt and Lee and thanks for sharing your opinion on this subject and providing some information. Allow me to clarify that, actually, the gun I have is a CZ110, which I´m perfectly aware that never make it to the american market. The reason why I brought it as a CZ100 subject is tha fact that most americans have experience with this model instead of the CZ110. Considering that both guns use the same kind of mags, all the information and experiences are equally useful.

In the other hand, firearms policies and prices in my country are completelly diferent as they are in the US, making the search for the right setup to bring the CZ110 up to a 15+1 plataform worth the effort, which IMO, is the only down side of the gun.

You can find the picture of the 13 round mag at the following link
please note how low the 13th round window sits.

With a little luck I will be capable of getting it through the use of resources such as those new magazine´s extended base pads and/or follower-spring configuration.

Thanks for reading and as soon as I can come up with something, I´ll let you know. In the mean time, any aditional help will be greatly appreciated.

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