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Patient Wolf's Necessary features:

.308 Win caliber

Good choice

Bolt action
Good choice

20"-22" barrel with threaded muzzle
If you want to have better accuracy at the longer ranges, a 24" to 26 inch barrel's better, especially for iron sights.

Adjustable trigger
Good choice, if one can be had that's repeatable in pull weight and let off feel.

Accurate and smooth action (ideally at least .5 moa)
If you'll use bullets heavier than 160 grains. actions with flat sides and bottom tend to be more accurate.

Detachable 10-rd box (preferably something affordable like a p-mag)
Detachable magazines oft times need a different zero as they typically don't all fit the receiver the same way. M14 rifles used in competition were nororious for this and the two magazines used for rapid fire matches (2 rounds in the first one then 8 in the second one) had to be paired that enabled the rifle to shoot both with the same zero. Bolt guns are no different.

Possible considerations:
Iron sights + tapped for scope (option to use either normal or LER)

Sounds good.

Laminated stock
OK, but not needed unless you want a wood one.

Fluted barrel
Not an improvement in any accuracy issue and usually a waste of one's money unless the stiffest barrel for a given weight's most important.

Savage action? (They just seem to be reliable)
Winchester Model 70 actions have the best track record for reliability. But Savage ones are pretty good.
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